Blair’s Baiter – Beach/Estuary

hex,popper,blair's_baiter,blue_green_bucktail 017Blair’s Baiter is a pattern that evolved on the coast of Washington state, to the best of my knowledge. Several weeks ago, I advised that a couple patterns would be coming anticipating beach and estuary flyfishing for feeding and staging salmon, as well as cutthroat trout, with a few extremely lucky individuals that will tangle with the rare salty steelhead! You will soon realize that those steelies you caught well upriver were a shadow of their former glory…and they are still impressive fish then! The Blue Green Bucktail was the first of the beach flies and Blair’s Baiter will be the second. What I think is important to note is that these are relatively generic baitfish patterns and open to numerous material substitutions or additions. Wrap the hook shank in tinsel. Vary the colours of hair, flash, etc. to suit your tastes…or better yet, the fishes. The combinations are limited only by your imagination. You may create the season’s hot fly. Don’t be limited in scope to the recipe’s you see here, I guess, is the secret. Nothing is as rewarding as succeeding on your own creation.  Now, on to the fly.

Materials: #4-#8 3X long hook, olive thread, pearl diamond braid, white hair (bucktail or polar bear), chartreuse hair (bucktail or polar bear), bright red thread, 2 strands of pearl flashabou, stick-on eyes, 5 min. epoxy

I begin by creating a thread base from the eye of the hook to the rear where the pearl diamond braid will be tied in. I find the the colour underneath the pearl diamond braid shows through a little which is why I like to use the thread base. If this doesn’t interest you, feel free to attatch the thread to the rear of the hook and tie in the pearl diamond braid.hex,popper,blair's_baiter,blue_green_bucktail 010Wrap the thread to the eye of the hook and wrap the hook shank with the pearl diamond braid. Stop wrapping in front of the hook eye allowing enough room to tie the hair wing and build a neat head for the stick-on eyes and epoxy.hex,popper,blair's_baiter,blue_green_bucktail 011Attatch the red thread and wrap a few neat tight wraps to simulate gills and tie off.hex,popper,blair's_baiter,blue_green_bucktail 012Take a sparse bunch of white hair, removing the shorter, fine guard hairs at the base. Secure to the shank of the hook near the eye.hex,popper,blair's_baiter,blue_green_bucktail 013Trim the excess white hair and select a similar sparse bunch of chartreuse hair. Again, remove the short guard hairs at the base and secure to the hook shank on top of the white hair.hex,popper,blair's_baiter,blue_green_bucktail 014Trim the excess chartreuse hair. Tie in one strip of pearl flashabou down each side of the fly to create a lateral line.hex,popper,blair's_baiter,blue_green_bucktail 015Build the head up with the olive thread and whip finish. Seal the thread with varnish. Add stick-on eyes and finish with 5 min. epoxy. Place on a rotational drying rack until the epoxy cures to keep it evenly balanced around the head.hex,popper,blair's_baiter,blue_green_bucktail 016

hex,popper,blair's_baiter,blue_green_bucktail 017


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